May 17 Movement congratulates the Kurdish Rebels for autonomy declaration!

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The May17 Movement congratulates the Kurdish Rebels who have freed and declared autonomy of the section of their homeland that was hitherto under the control of Syria.

The landmass of Kurdistan had been under the control of the nations Syria , Turkey, Iran and Iraq. In each of these nations the Kurds had faced oppression and they started their freedom struggle. As a result the Kuridstan Workers Party a progressive organization united the Kurds who were distributed across many nations and strengthened the struggle.

The Krudish landmass was occupied by people of many Ethnic groups like Mangols, Afgans, Parsis and Arabs. As a result the Kurds mixed with these Ethnic groups. Distrust for a fellow Kurd was rife in their society. Under these circumstances guided by a progressive political movement the Kurds organized themselves into a strong military force.

Kurds were systematically executed under the reign of SadamHussain. Even in his rival state, Iran the Kurds were targeted and killed. Turkey which has been a puppet of America also killed the Kurds. The Kurds faced oppression in Syria also.
After the fall of SadamHussain the Kurds liberated their land from Iraq. Now in the ongoing Syria War they fought against the forces of Al-Queda, ISIS and Turkey and have liberated their homeland and have declared it an autonomous state.

There were various factors on the ground that could have stood in the way of the unity of Kurdish People. But in spite of that the Kurds were able to stand together based a progressive ideological politics. This is a lesson to all of us.

Even after the Turkish government arrested and jailed the leader of Kurdish freedom movement they were not able to imprison their freedom movement. The freedom movement continues unfettered. Their struggled centered on the demand for an Independent Kurdistan stands strong.

At the end of the genocidal war in Eelam in 2009 the Kurdish rebels wrote a historically important strong letter in support and solidarity with the Eelam .

The letter mentioned the betrayal of Karuna. The letter was a spat on the face of all the pseudo human rights and pseudo Dalit intellectuals in Tamil Nadu who hailed Karuna. Only a Freedom movement can understand the realities about another freedom movement.

The Kurdish rebels were also banned in America as a terrorist organization. Europe too did not support their movement. Kurds who were politically associated with the Krudish freedom movement were killed in France two years back.

The Kurdish rebels did not surrender their struggle and demands in the feet of the western imperialism. Rather the young Kurdish rebels march strongly on the path to freedom and have reached an important milestone.

The Kurdish rebels did not segregate the Kurds as pure Kurds, outsiders, mixed race and another nationality. It would have lessened their strength. Rather it united all the poor and oppressed working class people and built a strong freedom movement. Even after the Kurds mixed with people of other ethnic groups the stood together as one Nationality, the Kurds and have won their rights.

In this historically important moment May 17 movement congratulates the Kurdish rebels.

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